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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Thanks for coming by and a few other things

First, thanks for coming by our (wedding) blog! My intention was to keep this updated on a weekly basis, however between packing up the house in Jacksonville, moving to Denver and a job searching for me, we've been kind of busy. All good things though, I certainly can't and won't complain. Through the help of my mom, brother Kevin and his family, we're actually getting settled in quite quickly. There is so much going on here in Colorado and this city girl's tank is full. We haven't even begun to explore all this place has to offer but just walking outside our apartment offers a cool city feel in the heart of parks and pathways to nature. I think we found a perfect mix of urban and walking trails. Target, the post office and lots of restaurants are in walking distance but it's just as easy to get in the car if it's freezing outside. There's a 4 mile historic trail where the puppies can play and the trees canopy around us. Then there's the Cherry Creek Mall, which is also walking distance. Oh and it's gonna be tempting. It houses some of the premier shops in Denver and since I'm not working and have no money, I gotta stay away.
The best part? My mom and brother live only a brief 5-10 minute drive from us! It's the closest we've ever lived and I'm loving it. I've been picking up Ethan and Cole from Montessori school two days a week when Kevin travels for work. That is my favorite part of the week because it's just me and the boys. He also has Larry and me on a workout regimen. Three days a week we meet at various locations at 6 am and bust it for 30 minutes. He's a triathlete and doesn't mess around so 30 minutes is probably what most people would do in the gym over a 2 hour span. Add in the altitude and the sprints, squats and moves on a piece of equipment called the Prowler and I will be in the best shape of my life. I feel sore, fantastic and motivated; he's a great coach and mentor- thanks buddy! The wedding is a motivator but so is this city. Everyone looks great here and I found out that Denver is one, if not the, fittest city in the country. So I have no outs anymore. So for the next 200 days leading up to our wedding, I'll post our progress, yes Larry is joining me too. It feels good to write, or type, again. Many months have passed since I really felt like blogging. But I'm back.