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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Where does the time go?

I'm feeling rushed lately but that doesn't surprise me. Working too many hours, trying to eat healthfully, exercise, create and maintain a "fun" business on Etsy, making time for my relationship (with the best man on the planet) and taking care of four pets has me pooped. This week Larry and I are turning over a new leaf.

We promise to uphold the following:
No red meat
No fried foods
No fast food (drive through)
Exercise daily
Drink tons of water

So that's our commitment to ourselves and each other. We each want to drop a decent amount of weight, so we have to change some things around, right?

I'll post about some of our progress here..not obsessively but enough to keep myself accountable.

I'm typing this while standing up, with sore legs from squats last night and yoga the night before...half dressed trying to get ready for a day of work, coffee cup in hand.

So, how are you being healthier this year?

**Leave me a comment telling me and I'll enter you to win my new sunglass case on Etsy (valued at $13.50).** Random drawing will be on Monday March 28!!

Cute, eh?


Kim said...

I signed up for a gym membership and have been going 3 times a week. Plus, I log my calories in/out on livestrong.com for free. My fiance and I cook more often than eat out.

Heather said...
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Heather said...

We are trying to play outside every day with the boys, walk wherever we can and train for the 5k this summer! Overall staying healthy for each other.

Adria said...

I am practicing power yoga at MBody 3 times a week, lifting a few weights here and there, and rollerblading and running when I feel the urge. But, to stay really healthy I laugh with my almost-husband (18 more days!!) every night before bed. If we didn't have this ritual, my workouts would mean nothing!! :) ps--even if I don't win--I really need to order 2 sunglass cases...so, I will go to your site.

Cathy said...

I have moved from the 15th floor with an elevator to the 3rd floor of a stairs only building. When my sprained ankle heals, I'll be taking them two at a time! ;0 Well maybe not...but 3 flights in the mile high altitude of Denver is great exercise!

Anonymous said...

Hi CC! I LOVE your blog and your handmade items!

Lauren said...

I am going to go to the gym at least 3 times a week and not eat crappy food!

Dana Stamos Brousseau said...

Hi Christy!

I love all your creations! They have a retro-modern feel to them, which is what our decor is all about. Even your Christmas trees were that way too. :-)

As for being healthy, hmmm... I've been playing soccer on a coed club league since October - it has been so fun! And the first few games really kicked my butt! Sore everywhere!

Hope you are doing well!


Me Sweet said...

Congratulations, Cathy! You are the winner of the random drawing :) Larry picked your number. You will receive the sunglass case of your choice from MeSweet!