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Sunday, October 31, 2010

My craft show debut

Happy Halloween, everyone!

You might be asking yourself why I have a picture of a Christmas tree on my blog already. Well, read on...

On Saturday, November 13, I will be at the Faith Family Fellowship Church on Beach Blvd. from 8 am to 4 pm for their annual Holiday Craft Show. They are expecting a big turn out (they have spots for 150 vendors) and will have a wide array of handmade holiday items for sale- including mine. My shop is called Me Sweet in case you're on the look out.

I'm working feverishly to get some of my items completed in time, including gift wrap options, etc. I will also be taking custom orders due to the length of time they take to create (the handsewn Christmas tree to the left is one of them). So come visit! I'd love to see some familiar faces in Jacksonville :)

Faith Family Fellowship Church from 8 am to 4 pm

7555 Beach Blvd. Jax, FL 32216


Pics of my other items for sale coming soon...
Have a safe and fun evening :)

Friday, October 29, 2010

Treasury time!!!

I made it into an Etsy treasury! Whahoo. My first one!!

If you wanna see, go to:

Then type in the search box "Old MacDonald" and you'll see my little brown sheep featured.

So happy. :)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Photos of my little ones

No I'm not talking children, just my latest creations.

Meet one of my milkweed pod babies and lil' Butterscotch the sweetest sheep.
Handmade, with love, by me.

Sheepish grin

Gym. Check. Healthy shake. Check, check. Craft time. Yes please! Milkweed pod babies have arrived (see pic).

So I finally received my needlefelting books from Amazon yesterday. I felt like a little girl in FAO Schwartz with all of the colorful pictures, animals and ideas in those glossy pages. Laurie Sharp has some wonderful needlefelted creatures that I'm dying to create (her book is called Wool Pets). The one I made last night will be posted soon- it's a baa baa brown sheep. Using soft butterscotch merino curls for her body, I think it came out so sweet. I'm trying to name her andwill be asking for ideas. She'll be up on Etsy soon, for someone's enjoyment and pleasure. She would look so adorable with my new baby in a milkweed pod with a mobile (soon to be on Etsy too).

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Story of the Land of Me Sweet

The Story of the Land of Me Sweet~

[Pronounced may sweet]

Many decades ago, two young sisters created a secret language to communicate with each other. They used it to name things, people, and places they would visit in their playtime together. They eventually grew up and had families of their own but remained the best of friends. True soul sisters. These women are my mother and my aunt. Loving, hopeful and uniquely strong, I yearned to grow up just like them. To continue in their tradition, I created an Etsy store called Me Sweet, after the affectionate name they call each other, to this day. They are dreamers, creators, and deeply committed to making others laugh, having fun and enjoying each and every day they are here on Earth. May we all use our imagination, inspiration and light to inspire others. Relish in the little things.