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Monday, July 11, 2011


Paper has always been a love of mine. Shiny, glossy, matte. Heavy, flimsy and smooth. I am a sucker for beautiful paper.

When I was very young, my grandmother bought me the most lovely writing paper with delicate pink flowers along the border. The coordinating envelopes felt heavy in my little hands. It has a little surprise when you opened it up, more of the heavenly pink flowers. Almost too pretty to write on, I kept it tied up in the dark blue box that I would later learn is almost like the jewelry equivalent of the little blue box. Crane's paper is where my love affair began over 20 years ago.

Now being 33 years young, I can't imagine buying a niece or little girl a big box of expensive writing papers as my grandmother had done so many years ago. Mostly because I wouldn't think the art of the written letter would appeal to a 10 year old. How had my Gram-Ethel (grandma's name) known that it would be one of my most memorable gifts? Not to mention, the last time I got a handwritten letter from someone under the age of 20 was....well. Never. Letter writting's centuries old history has died off with internet, cell phone and texting.

I tried to recall the last real letter I wrote. Not a card or a prefabricated note but a letter of correspondence, as Emily Post would call it. It's been a while.

Brainstorming can lead to great projects so when I came across the scrapbooking section of my local craft store and the pounds of beautiful paper called out to me, I knew where inspiration would take me. I've never scrapbooked a day in my life, unless you count keeping a journal as a girl and ripping out newspaper articles to tuck into the pages covering all things boys and soliloquies as to why life isn't fair.

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