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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Been awhile..

Sooo my attempts at tracking the wedding were a joke. Not even one post on that. Bummer. Thus Larry and I just celebrated 1 year of marital bliss so clearly it's time to move on.
So here we are, trying to navigate the world of adulthood and having a family. Not sure how much I'm ready to write about this subject yet. It feels even more personal than marriage, family members and taxes. That last one I've already blogged about so what's the hold up?! I guess what I've learned thus far about trying to expand a family is that it is 100,000,000,000% out of my control. I never was great at math but I think that percentage could be accurate. Trying to explain this one is tough. The way my brain thinks about it is in terms of the things that I HAVE had control (or some control) of over during my 36 1/2 years of life..for instance going to college, joining Phi Mu, my jobs, my internship, going to graduate school, dating someone new, dumping a boyfriend, meeting new girlfriends, moving closer to family in Denver, getting married and even traveling. So my point is that working on making a baby is sooo out of my control. All the smarts, time and energy I put into this makes NO difference, except maybe being able to figure out my day of ovulation. But there's even apps for that these days. I can't do homework or turn in extra credit or even create a spectacular power point presentation to impress anyone because none of that matters when it comes to conception. We'll try and see what happens. Only time will tell. It's nice to be back...

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