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Monday, November 8, 2010

The Great Distractors

All artists need peace, quiet and good light in order to be productive. I have chaos, dogs, cats and lots of noise.

Just had to share my amusement today as I'm wrapping up the final details for the craft show in Jacksonville this coming weekend.

I'm referring to my two cats in the picture. They never cease to amaze me. Finding the most delicate things to investigate and eventually, destroy. Here is my light box which I use to take pictures of my shop items to sell on Etsy.com. Toby (right) believes it is his cat bed and takes daily naps inside. The once crisp white posterboard inside is now full of his long soft fur. Gracie (left) is on top of my newly stamped bags which I made for the craft show on Saturday. They were air drying in the sunlight, however they will have to be redone now. Sigh.

I think I need a private studio somewhere.


Kathy Bunch said...

Come on now....did they not leave your cute little acorns untouched (at least that you know of). It's a good thing you not only have talent, but you love your "babies"!

Megan Champion said...

My own dear cat (fred) loves to shut down my computer while I am in the middle of work by walking across it, that is what I get for taking a break(sigh) what can you do??