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Friday, November 19, 2010

More graditude

Tonight Larry and I went to find some frocks for the cold winter in Denver. Yes, I typed frocks. All of these British bloggers I'm following as of late are so wickedly talented with their word weaving. Ok, back on track. We are leaving on Tuesday night for Denver and the temps will be at least 30 degrees colder. So as we're in Kohl's trying to find affordable, stylish and warm coats, Larry puts on this handsome rugged Columbia jacket. He looked at his reflection in the long mirror, turned around once and then stopped to face me, looking for my reaction. He looked sweetly at me for longer than just a moment, as if he wanted to give me a big bear hug in his soon-to-be-new jacket. His mouth crooked up to one side and he showed his teeth, which he rarely does to anyone but me. I welled up with tears. I don't know why. Feelings of deep gratitude filled me and I couldn't speak. This wonderful guy loves me, I thought to myself. He could have loved anyone, but he loves me. It was a moment that I don't think I'll forget for many years.

He got that jacket, I found a stylish soft gray one. We went on about our evening, stopping at Moe's for a burrito and then the grocery store to prepare for our trip.

Most of the time I'm too busy to notice little moments like that. It would serve me well to stop and admire them from time to time, to treat them like real gems..

So tonight, my most heartfelt gratitude to the man of my dreams and my reality.
My Larry.

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Megan Champion said...

That is super sweet. Thank God for wonderful men!