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Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Tree follow up

So I thought maybe it'd be more fun to wait and show my Christmas tree next week. Oh the tension. Actually I haven't taken the time to photograph my lovely tree, filled to the brim with ornaments. Life seems to have taken over with better ideas.

Lately, I've been perusing other blogs and websites to get ideas about my niche market. Who am I actually trying to sell to on Etsy? Ya see, Etsy has something like 300,000 sellers and 5.8 million items for sale (thanks to the report on Nightline: http://abcnews.go.com/nightline). It's like a huge sea of creative artists, craftsman and talent in general. Many of them have art in their blood with actual degrees in design, merchandising, woodworking, art, sculture and pottery. In addition, they have a vision, a dream and goals about what their "thing" is all about.

Myself on the other hand? I feel like I have artist ADD. In case you don't know what ADD is, I could spend the next three hours explaining because that's what MY degree is in. I'll save you the headache, just google it.

So I'm kind of stuck. I can make pretty things (see my new flower pins, on their way to New York to my dearest friend). I can even copy a pattern. I have sparks of creative genius at 2 a.m., hence the acorn napkin rings that I have waiting for someone to swoop up in my shop. But. Hmmmm.

It only takes one idea. One genius thought, put into action, to make the public want to purchase what it is you're peddling. I'm not trying to get rich off of this idea. In the beginning I didn't even care if I made any money. Now just to afford the alpaca wool, the lovely bits and pieces of lucious felt and other sparkly supplies, I have to make something or I'd be nuts, right?

My goal, just recently gathered in my mind, is to do some more work on what I want from this experience. Will I be disappointed if I only have 20 sales by January? Or will that mean I've "made" it in Etsy land? Can I live with myself in Mediocre-Ville? Probably not. Goals, TBD. Until then, are you thinking about New Years goals? Or should we not even go there?

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Megan Champion said...

etsy blows my mind. i dont get it on any level. I love it, but have had zero luck selling there. I did give away a bunch of monsters for free.

You are doing way better than me, keep it up!