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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Story of the Land of Me Sweet

The Story of the Land of Me Sweet~

[Pronounced may sweet]

Many decades ago, two young sisters created a secret language to communicate with each other. They used it to name things, people, and places they would visit in their playtime together. They eventually grew up and had families of their own but remained the best of friends. True soul sisters. These women are my mother and my aunt. Loving, hopeful and uniquely strong, I yearned to grow up just like them. To continue in their tradition, I created an Etsy store called Me Sweet, after the affectionate name they call each other, to this day. They are dreamers, creators, and deeply committed to making others laugh, having fun and enjoying each and every day they are here on Earth. May we all use our imagination, inspiration and light to inspire others. Relish in the little things.

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