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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Fall and autumn go together like a horse and carriage

What's the difference between fall and autumn? Etsy recently told me via their September merchandising report, that autumn is a more universal/worldly description of when summer ends and the weather turns cool. I like the way autumn sounds, but in Florida we don't get much of it no matter what ya call it.

In mid-August, my internal clock starts ticking and whispers, "gosh, it's been over 90 degrees for how many consecutive days now?" "Where's the fast whip of cool breeze when the sun lightens up its heavy-handed ways?" Maybe it's the Ohio blood in me? So in the olden days, I'd ask my Mom if we could go to the arts and crafts store- that was B.M.- before Michael's. Martha was the source of much of our inspiration. We made wrapping paper, a bird tree, and even desserts and dishes to usher in the season. Flash forward 25 years and nowadays I just start scouring my HOUSE for any semblance of cooler weather goodies/projects/DIY opportunities. Ha, they're probably all stashed away in the garage amongst boxes labeled "Christmas" and "lights/garlands". All of the cozy items I need, casually intermingled with my true holiday glitterati junk. So this year, in an effort to better clarify what autumn (or fall) means, I've decided to make/find/steal whatever it is that will bring about this missing feeling and display, display, display. And do it early.

A new(er) website called Pinterest, the latest black hole of the interweb, allows one to hunt and gather for suitable inspiration. You can literally "pin" any image in all of our great nation called web land, simply by clicking on the little =pin me= button once you have an account. What's that you say? Impossible? Nope. It's scary, addicting good. I can spend an inordinate amount of spare minutes, hours, even afternoons perusing other's pinned collections. Hard to resists. Alas, I must pull away. For I have been called to make some autumn cheer for other households far and wide. Good bye for now.

{Unplugging computer}

{Wait, unplug. Ok stop. Now it's shutting down.}

So eventually, I did pull away from the time suck that is Pinterest to make some woolly acorns. There. {Admiring accomplishment that is real and tangible in my hands.} This reminds me of autumn. It occurred to me that I should make some for myself, which I've never done.

So here are a few of my acorns that have been shipped off to homes here and there (more specifically Colorado, Michigan and California). Now back to pining..or pinning away for more autumn.


Cathy said...

Ahhh yes - DISPLAY the season helps you feel the season when there's a change in the Florida weather that the sensitive and anticipating can detect! Colorado weather has turned cool. It's been wonderful to turn off the AC...wait a minute, I don't have AC. It's been wonderful to close the windows when it's getting a bit too chilly in the evening...or maybe I need to get out my warmer clothes!

Me Sweet said...

Tee hee